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I recognize the size nowadays … ;-) But sorry, I often miss the reflection in our modern times.
Art made by unkown can merit Paris.
You can find this art in Shanghai.

Ethnical artwork can reflect the Parisian culture

The culture of foreign (minority) groups has always been an important influence in the Parisian and French culture. This would better expressed by introducing more ethnical art.

Critical and filosofical art will enhance relevancy

No explicit critical artwork is found and only 3% of the artwork expresse clearly a filosofical theme. Filosophy and criticism is important in the French culture and they deserve to be given more attention by the use of artwork.

More contemporary and revelatory art will make Paris even richer

The counterpart of using reminiscent and figurative art is the lack of experiment, overstep bounderies and thereby a lack of levelatory art. Inviting more international (now only 15% while 24% is the average in the great cities) artists and contemporary will make Paris even richer.

Key-words of the projects in : etnical, critical, revelatory.

12 pieces of art are chosen from Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Milan and Shanghai.

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